Taco Bell Mexican Pizza Calories Challenge: How to Eat Smarter

Mexican Pizza is a delicious and popular fast-food item, often found on the menu at Taco Bell. However, for those who are conscious of their calorie intake, understanding the nutritional aspects of this dish is crucial. In this blog, we will dive into Taco Bell Mexican Pizza Calories and everything you need to know about them.

History of the Taco Bell Mexican Pizza

The Taco Bell Mexican Pizza has a fascinating history that dates back to its introduction in 1951. It was created by Glen Bell, the founder of Taco Bell, and quickly became a fan favorite. This dish was designed to blend the flavors of Mexican and American cuisines, offering a unique and satisfying experience for customers. Over the years, it has become a beloved classic, firmly establishing its place on the Taco Bell menu.

What is a Mexican Pizza?

Before we delve into the calorie details, let’s first understand what a Mexican Pizza is. A Mexican Pizza is a layered dish that typically consists of two crispy tortillas filled with seasoned beef, refried beans, and cheese, and topped with a zesty sauce. It’s a flavorful treat that many enjoy.

Taco Bell’s Mexican Pizza

Taco Bell, a renowned fast-food chain, is famous for its Mexican Pizza. They offer this dish as part of their menu, serving it to countless customers worldwide.

Should You Try the Mexican Pizza

It’s a relatively acceptable indulgence for a cheat day. While Mexican Pizza is undeniably high in fat and carbs, there are far unhealthier fast food choices available. However, one notable concern in the nutritional profile of Taco Bell’s new star item is its sodium content, totaling 940mg. This accounts for almost half of the recommended daily sodium intake in just one serving. Make sure to stay well-hydrated by drinking plenty of water.

Taco Bell Mexican Pizza Calories

Now, let’s get to the heart of the matter – the calories in a Taco Bell Mexican Pizza. It’s essential to be aware of the calorie content, as it plays a significant role in our daily nutritional intake.

The nutritional details are derived from standard product formulations and serving sizes.

Sr. NoNutrientsValue
2.Calories from Fat270
3.Total Fat30g
4.Saturated Fat8g
5.Trans Fat0.5g
8.Total Carbohydrates49g
9.Dietary Fibres7g

How Are Calories Calculated

Calories in a Mexican Pizza are determined based on the ingredients used, their quantities, and cooking methods. Taco Bell provides detailed information about their menu items’ nutritional value on their website.

Taco Bell Mexican Pizza Nutrition

A typical Taco Bell Mexican Pizza contains approximately 540 calories. This includes about 200 calories from fat, 180 calories from carbohydrates, and 160 calories from protein. It’s essential to consider these values if you are watching your caloric intake.

Is Mexican Pizza Healthy?

While Mexican Pizza is undoubtedly delicious, it may not be the healthiest option due to its calorie content. It’s higher in calories and fat compared to some other menu items. If you’re on a strict diet, you may want to consider alternatives.

Taco Bell Mexican Pizza Ingredients

Taco Bell Mexican Pizza Ingredients

Crispy Tortillas

The foundation of a good Mexican Pizza is the crispy tortillas. To replicate this essential element, you’ll need to gather the following ingredients:

  • Flour Tortillas: Start with high-quality flour tortillas that are about 7 inches in diameter. These tortillas should be soft and pliable, perfect for folding over your pizza’s fillings.
  • Cooking Oil: You’ll need a neutral cooking oil like vegetable or canola oil for frying the tortillas. It’s important to use enough oil to achieve that coveted crispiness.

Seasoned Beef

The seasoned beef in Taco Bell’s Mexican Pizza is both flavorful and satisfying. To make this delicious filling, you’ll require:

  • Ground Beef: Opt for lean ground beef, which will ensure your filling isn’t too greasy. You can also use ground turkey or plant-based alternatives for a healthier twist.
  • Taco Seasoning: The key to Taco Bell’s signature flavor is in the seasoning. You can make your own blend using spices like chili powder, cumin, paprika, and garlic powder.

Hearty Beans

Beans add heartiness and a delightful creaminess to your Mexican Pizza. Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Refried Beans: Taco Bell uses refried beans as the base layer. You can purchase canned refried beans or make your own by mashing pinto or black beans and cooking them with a bit of oil and seasoning.
  • Black Beans: For an extra burst of flavor and texture, add some canned black beans to your pizza.

Zesty Sauce

Taco Bell’s Mexican Pizza features a zesty and slightly spicy sauce. Here’s what you’ll need to create that perfect sauce:

  • Enchilada Sauce: Look for a good-quality red enchilada sauce, which will give your pizza that rich, tangy flavor.
  • Hot Sauce: To add a kick to your sauce, include some hot sauce. You can adjust the spiciness to your preference.

Melted Cheese

The crowning glory of a Mexican Pizza is the melted cheese that holds everything together. Make sure to have these ingredients ready:

  • Shredded Cheese: A blend of cheddar and Monterey Jack cheese works wonderfully. You can also use Mexican cheese blends for that authentic taste.

Alternatives and Variations

Taco Bell offers various menu items that are lower in calories and fat, making them healthier alternatives. You can explore these options if you’re looking for a lighter meal.

Preparing a Healthier Option

If you’re a Mexican Pizza fan and want to enjoy it without the guilt, consider making a healthier version at home. Use leaner meat, whole-wheat tortillas, and fresh vegetables to cut down on calories and boost nutrition.

Taco Bell Mexican Pizza Recipe

Taco Bell’s Mexican Pizza has become an iconic and beloved item on their menu. Its irresistible combination of flavors, textures, and spices has made it a fan favorite for years.

Assembling Your Mexican Pizza

  1. Lay out a flour tortilla and spread a layer of refried beans on it.
  2. Add a second tortilla on top, creating the first crunchy layer.
  3. On the top tortilla, spread the seasoned ground beef.
  4. Place another tortilla on top and press down gently to create more layers.
  5. Pour enchilada sauce over the top tortilla.
  6. Sprinkle a generous amount of cheddar cheese on top.
  7. Transfer your Mexican pizza to an oven and bake until the cheese is bubbly and slightly golden.

Taco Bell Mexican Pizza Reviews

The taste of a Mexican Pizza can vary from person to person. Some love it for its indulgent flavor, while others may find it too heavy. It’s always best to try it for yourself and decide if it suits your taste.


In conclusion, Taco Bell’s Mexican Pizza is a tasty treat, but it’s not the lightest option on their menu. It’s crucial to be mindful of the calorie content and consider healthier alternatives if you’re watching your diet. Whether you indulge in a Mexican Pizza or opt for a lower-calorie choice, Taco Bell has something for everyone.


Q1. Is Taco Bell’s Mexican pizza healthy?
Taco Bell offers some healthier menu choices now, but the nutritional information for the Mexican Pizza falls short. The classic Mexican pizza contains 530 calories, 19 grams of protein, 49 grams of carbohydrates, and 29 grams of fat.

Q2. How many calories in a Taco Bell vegetarian Mexican pizza?
One serving of Taco Bell’s Mexican Pizza – Veggie – Specialties contains 550 calories. The % Daily Value (DV) provides information on how much a nutrient in a single serving of food contributes to a daily diet.

Q3. How can I find the exact calorie count for a Taco Bell Mexican Pizza?
You can find detailed nutritional information, including calorie counts, on Taco Bell’s official website or through their mobile app.

Q4. Are there vegetarian or vegan options for Mexican Pizza at Taco Bell?
Yes, Taco Bell offers vegetarian and vegan versions of the Mexican Pizza, making it suitable for a variety of dietary preferences.

Q5. Can I customize my Mexican Pizza to make it healthier?
Absolutely! You can modify the ingredients and portions to create a healthier version of a Mexican Pizza at home.

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