Prairie Cardiovascular: Pioneering the Path to Heart Wellness

In the realm of cardiovascular health, Prairie Cardiovascular stands out as a pioneering institution dedicated to providing top-notch medical care, research, and clinical education. With its unwavering commitment to heart health, Prairie Cardiovascular has become a beacon of hope for individuals seeking comprehensive cardiac care. This blog delves into the remarkable journey and impactful contributions of Prairie Cardiovascular, shedding light on its patient-centered approach, cutting-edge treatments, and commitment to advancing medical knowledge.

About Prairie Cardiovascular

About Prairie Cardiovascular

Prairie Cardiovascular holds a prominent position on the national stage as a pioneer in pioneering new diagnostic methods and treatment techniques, consistently propelling the field of medicine forward through its robust research initiatives. Prairie distinguished physicians, renowned for their exceptional expertise in heart and vascular care, are among the most experienced professionals in the nation.

Presently, we proudly boast a team of over 70 board-certified physicians serving patients across 40 clinic locations throughout the state, encompassing a staggering 70 counties. In fact, Prairie doctors provide care to a larger number of heart patients than any other program in Illinois.

The Founding Vision

A Patient-Centric Approach

At the heart of Prairie Cardiovascular’s mission is a patient-centric philosophy. Founded on the belief that every individual’s heart health journey is unique, Prairie Cardiovascular tailors its approach to meet the specific needs of each patient. This personalized care not only ensures effective treatment but also fosters a sense of trust and collaboration between patients and medical professionals.

Pioneering Treatments and Technologies

Revolutionizing Heart Care

Prairie Cardiovascular has continuously pushed the boundaries of cardiovascular care through innovative treatments and state-of-the-art technologies. From minimally invasive procedures to groundbreaking surgeries, the institution remains at the forefront of medical advancements. This commitment to innovation translates into improved patient outcomes, quicker recovery times, and enhanced quality of life.

Prairie Cardiovascular Virtual Visit

Prairie Cardiovascular Virtual Visit
Prairie Cardiovascular Virtual Visits represent a paradigm shift in the healthcare landscape. This revolutionary concept allows patients to connect with cardiovascular specialists remotely, leveraging the power of telecommunications technology. Through secure and user-friendly platforms, patients can engage in virtual consultations with their healthcare providers, receiving personalized medical advice without the need for physical presence. This approach is particularly valuable for individuals who face geographical constraints, have mobility issues, or prefer the convenience of virtual interactions.

The Benefits of Prairie Cardiovascular Virtual Visits

Connect with your doctor

Receive responses to your medical inquiries conveniently from home or while on the move.

Retrieve your test results

Eliminate the need to wait for phone calls or letters – access your results and your doctor’s notes within days.

Submit prescription refill requests

Easily request refills for any of your recurring medications.

Organize your appointments

Book your next appointment or review details of your previous and upcoming visits.

Proxy access

Supervise your child’s account with proxy access. Simply log in to your account and utilize the proxy access request form located under the messaging tab.

Collaborative Research Efforts

Research forms the cornerstone of Prairie Cardiovascular’s efforts. The institution actively engages in research initiatives aimed at unraveling the complexities of cardiovascular diseases. By collaborating with esteemed researchers and institutions, Prairie Cardiovascular contributes to the global pool of medical knowledge, leading to the development of more effective treatment strategies and preventive measures.

Prairie Cardiovascular MyChart

Prairie Cardiovascular MyChart
In the fast-paced world of healthcare, staying connected and informed about your medical records and health status has never been more crucial. Prairie, a pioneering name in cardiovascular care, understands this need and presents the MyChart portal – a groundbreaking platform that empowers patients with easy access to their health information, appointments, test results, and more.

Activating Prairie Cardiovascular MyChart

Type into your browser. Select Sign Up Now to begin the activation process

  1. Click on the Sign Up Now button
  2. Enter Your Activation Code
  3. Create Your Username and Password
  4. Choose Notification Preferences
  5. Now You are Ready to Logging In

Key Features of Prairie Cardiovascular MyChart

  • Manage your appointments
  • Request prescription refills
  • View your test reports
  • Participate in virtual visits
  • Communicate with your healthcare team

Empowering Through Education

Nurturing Future Experts

Prairie Cardiovascular’s impact extends beyond its patients. The institution is dedicated to nurturing the next generation of cardiovascular experts through comprehensive educational programs. By providing hands-on training and exposure to cutting-edge technologies, Prairie Cardiovascular equips aspiring medical professionals with the skills and knowledge needed to tackle the challenges of cardiovascular care.

Prairie Heart Institute

Prairie Heart Institute

The Prairie Heart Foundation serves as the charitable branch of Prairie Heart. Contributions to the Prairie Heart Foundation directly benefit heart and vascular patients across central and southern Illinois and beyond. Donations support various endeavors, such as pioneering procedures, introducing new treatments and technologies to our area, and implementing innovative practices. Through their generosity, donors to Prairie Heart enable top-notch heart and vascular care to be accessible within our community.

Prairie Cardiovascular Clinical Education

Prairie Cardiovascular’s Clinical Education program is a testament to its dedication to nurturing the next generation of healthcare professionals. With an array of specialized courses, workshops, and training sessions, the program equips medical practitioners with the latest advancements, cutting-edge techniques, and in-depth insights into cardiovascular care. This commitment to ongoing education not only enhances the skill set of healthcare providers but also translates to improved patient outcomes.

Prairie Cardiovascular Locations

Prairie Cardiovascular Locations
In central and southern Illinois, Prairie serves patients at 48 different facilities in 45 different communities. Additionally, in Springfield, O’Fallon, Carbondale, Decatur, Effingham, and Mattoon, our internationally renowned cardiologists offer highly specialized life-saving operations. To deliver treatment in our communities, medical professionals in the Prairies travel more than 200,000 miles annually. That’s the equivalent of traveling seven times around the globe!


Prairie Heart Institute at St. John’s Hospital
619 E. Mason St. Springfield, IL 62701

Phone: (217.788.0706)

Prairie Diagnostic Center
401 E. Carpenter St. Springfield, IL 62701


Three St. Elizabeth’s Boulevard
Suite 280 O’Fallon, IL 62269

Phone: (618.233.6044)

Prairie Heart Institute Carbondale

(Memorial Hospital of Carbondale Campus)
409 W. Oak St. Carbondale, IL 62901

Phone: (618.529.4455)


(St. Mary’s Hospital Campus)
1800 E. Lake Shore Dr., 6th Floor Decatur, IL 62521

Phone: (217.422.6100)

2965 N. Main St., Suite D Decatur, IL 62526

Prairie Cardiovascular Effingham

(St. Anthony’s Memorial Hospital Campus)
503 N. Maple St. Effingham, IL 62401

Phone: (217.342.3700)


1000 Health Center Dr. Mattoon, IL 61938

Phone: (217.238.4960)

Your neighborhood hospital is the closest place to turn when you require an immediate diagnosis, pre- and post-procedure follow-up, or an ongoing relationship with heart and vascular specialists. Additionally, you are already a part of a network of specialty centers near your town if you require highly specialized care.

Outreach Clinic Locations


A Legacy of Success

Celebrating Milestones

Over the years, Prairie Cardiovascular has amassed a remarkable track record of success stories. From patients overcoming life-threatening conditions to groundbreaking medical discoveries, each achievement reinforces the institution’s commitment to excellence. These successes not only inspire hope but also serve as a testament to Prairie Cardiovascular’s dedication to transforming lives.

Prairie Cardiovascular Bill Pay

Prairie Cardiovascular offers a convenient online bill-pay service, streamlining the payment process for their patients. With Prairie Cardiovascular Bill Pay, patients can easily manage and settle their medical bills online, ensuring a seamless and efficient experience. This user-friendly platform enhances the overall convenience and accessibility of handling healthcare payments.


In the vast prairies, where the horizon seems endless, Prairie Cardiovascular shines as a beacon of hope and healing. Its patient-centric approach, innovative treatments, collaborative research efforts, educational initiatives, and community engagement collectively create a holistic ecosystem for heart health. As we journey through the prairies of life, Prairie Cardiovascular stands as a steadfast companion, dedicated to safeguarding the most vital organ that beats within us.


Q1. Who owns Prairie Cardiovascular?
HSHS possesses both Prairie Cardiovascular and Prairie Heart Institute.

Q2. What services does Prairie Cardiovascular offer?
Prairie Cardiovascular offers a wide range of services, including diagnostic procedures, innovative treatments, surgeries, and preventive care, all centered around cardiovascular health.

Q3. How can I schedule an appointment?
To schedule an appointment with Prairie, you can visit their official website or contact their dedicated appointment helpline.

Q4. Does Prairie offer telemedicine options?
Yes, Prairie understands the importance of accessibility. They provide telemedicine options for consultations and follow-up appointments.

Q5. Is Prairie Cardiovascular involved in any research collaborations?
Prairie Cardiovascular actively collaborates with leading research institutions to advance our understanding of cardiovascular diseases and their treatment.

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