Pine Belt Mental Health: Nurturing Resilience and Well-Being

In a world where mental health is gaining increasing recognition, Pine Belt Mental Health stands as a beacon of hope and support. This blog delves into Pine Belt Mental Health’s vital role in fostering mental well-being, offering insights into its services, approach, and commitment to transforming lives.

About Pine Belt Mental Health

Pine Belt Mental Healthcare Resources, established in 1973 and located in Hattiesburg, is a tax-exempt community mental health center recognized as a 501(c)(3) organization. The organization offers a wide range of mental health services across four primary service areas, catering to adults, children, and adolescents, individuals with chemical dependency issues, and those with intellectual or developmental disabilities.

Pine Belt Mental Health Locations

Pine Belt Mental Healthcare Resources operates offices in 13 Mississippi counties, delivering services through 68 different locations. These services are accessible to residents residing in Covington, Forrest, Greene, Hancock, Harrison, Jeff Davis, Jones, Lamar, Marion, Pearl River, Perry, Stone, and Wayne counties. In addition, select services are offered in Jackson County. Mental Healthcare Resources boasts a dedicated team of over 800 full and part-time staff members who serve throughout the region.

Address: PO Box 18679 103 S. 19th Avenue Hattiesburg, MS 39404

Pine Belt Mental Health Services

Pine Belt Mental Health Services

One of the key strengths of Pine Belt Mental Health lies in the range of services they offer. From counseling and therapy to crisis intervention and residential care, they cater to a wide demographic. They are particularly dedicated to assisting children, adolescents, adults, and families, ensuring that mental health support is accessible to all.

Adult Services

Outpatient treatment programs offer individual, group, and family counseling services. These programs provide a range of services with varying levels of intensity, all coordinated and designed to be comprehensive. Pine Belt’s Outpatient Programs are dedicated to assisting individuals dealing with mental health challenges, substance abuse issues, and the co-occurrence of both mental health and substance abuse disorders.

Chemical Dependency Services

Pine Belt Mental Healthcare Resources provides services for individuals struggling with chemical dependency, offering both outpatient and residential programs. Our staff understands that chemical dependency is a chronic condition that can be effectively managed rather than cured. We offer a cost-effective and clinically sound treatment program in a discreet and supportive non-hospital environment.

Child and Adolescent Services

Pine Belt provides an array of behavioral health services tailored to assist children, adolescents, and their families. We recognize that childhood and adolescence involve rapid transitions and acknowledge that some individuals may need professional guidance to navigate evolving challenges from school, parental expectations, and peer relationships.

Intellectual/Developmental Disabilities Services

Services are open to adults aged 18 and above. Each individual receives a personalized service plan, carefully crafted to address their unique preferences, requirements, aspirations, and objectives, as well as those of their family. All services are dedicated to helping each person achieve their highest level of engagement and success, whether at home or within the community. Encouraging socialization and fostering community integration are integral aspects of our daily approach.

Community Outreach

Treatment is available both within the community and at Pine Belt facilities. The primary objective of the outpatient programs is to offer easily accessible and all-encompassing services tailored to individuals dealing with serious mental illnesses, enabling each person to achieve their highest level of functioning within their home and community.

Holistic Approach to Mental Health

The Mind-Body Connection

We understand the intricate relationship between mental and physical health. Their holistic approach recognizes that a healthy body contributes to a healthy mind.

Tailored Treatment Plans

Each client receives a personalized treatment plan, ensuring that their unique needs and circumstances are addressed.

Pine Belt Mental Health Careers

Pine Belt Mental Health Careers

Pine Belt Mental Healthcare Resources is committed to being an Equal Opportunity Employer. We make employment decisions without considering race, color, religion, national or ethnic origin, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, age, disability, protected veteran status, or any other characteristics protected by law.

As an at-will employer, Pine Belt Mental Healthcare Resources states that employment with us has no specific duration and the employee can end it at any time.

Pine upholds a drug-free workplace policy, which includes random drug testing. Background checks are also a part of our hiring process. Please note that completing this application does not guarantee employment.

Pine Belt Mental Health Phone Number

For Pine Belt Mental Health’s phone number, connecting with their professional support is just a call away. Reach out to their dedicated line to access vital mental health services and assistance tailored to your needs.

For general questions, use this form or call 601-544-4641
If you have a medical emergency call on 888-330-7772

Commitment to Accessibility

Sliding Scale Fees

We believe that mental health care should be accessible to all. They offer sliding scale fees based on income, making care affordable.

Telehealth Services

In today’s digital age, Pine Belt offers telehealth services, ensuring that geographical barriers do not hinder access to care.

Pine Belt Mental Health Reviews

Success Stories

Countless individuals have benefited from Pine Belt Mental Health’s services, and their success stories are a testament to the organization’s impact.

Community Partnerships

They actively collaborate with local organizations and schools to create a supportive network for those in need.

Pine Belt Mental Health Staff

The backbone of Pine Belt Mental Health is its team of highly qualified professionals. These individuals not only excel in their respective fields but also show compassion and dedication to making a difference in the lives of those they serve. Their commitment goes beyond the call of duty.


Pine Belt Mental Health is more than just an organization; it’s a lifeline for those seeking mental health support. With a rich history, a holistic approach, and a commitment to accessibility, they are truly changing lives for the better.


Q1. Is Pine Belt Mental Health only for adults?
No, Pine Belt offers services for individuals of all ages, from children to seniors.

Q2. How can I access Pine Belt Mental Health’s services?
You can contact them directly through their website or by calling their helpline for assistance.

Q3. Are their services confidential?
Yes, We prioritize client confidentiality and follow strict privacy guidelines.

Q4. Do they accept insurance?
Yes, they accept various insurance plans, and their sliding scale fees make services affordable for everyone.

Q5. Can I volunteer with Pine Belt Mental Health?
Absolutely, Pine Belt welcomes volunteers who want to contribute to their mission of mental health support.

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