Inspira Health Network: Unlocking Your Health Potential

In today’s fast-paced world, healthcare has become more crucial than ever. People seek top-notch medical services that not only provide effective treatments but also focus on patient well-being and community health. Inspira Health Network stands at the forefront of this healthcare revolution, committed to transforming lives through innovative medical practices and a patient-centric approach.

Inspira Health Network

With 277 medical residents and fellows enrolled in 15 nationally accredited programs at its hospitals in Vineland, Mullica Hill, and Elmer, charitable nonprofit Inspira Health is a leader in the region’s physician training.

The system, which has locations all over South Jersey and three hospitals, two comprehensive cancer centers, and eight multi-specialty health centers, dates back to 1899. More than 35 primary and specialty physician practices can be found in Gloucester, Cumberland, Salem, Camden, and Atlantic counties, along with urgent care, outpatient imaging and rehabilitation, sleep medicine labs, cardiac testing facilities, behavioral health, digestive health, and wound care centers. Additionally, six South Jersey counties are served by Inspira EMS.

State-of-the-Art Technology and Innovations

Inspira Health Network embraces technological advancements to deliver exceptional healthcare services. From robotic-assisted surgeries to precision medicine, the network continuously explores innovative solutions to improve patient outcomes and overall healthcare experiences.

Patient-Centric Approach

At the core of Inspira Health Network’s success lies its patient-centric approach. The network believes in treating patients with empathy and respect, ensuring that each individual receives personalized care tailored to their unique needs.

Inspira Health Network Medical Group

Inspira Health Network Medical Group
In Southern New Jersey, the Inspira Medical Group, a network of over 175 doctors and advanced practice providers, provides excellent and caring primary, specialty, and surgical care. No matter what your healthcare needs are, we are here for you, representing over 20 specialties, 17 primary care practices, and 8 urgent care facilities. In addition to providing accessible and exceptional care, Inspira Medical Group providers stand out for their focus on disease prevention, population health, and the use of technology to improve patient safety as well as patient experience and access to care.

Exceptional Team of Healthcare Professionals

Behind the success of Inspira Health Network is an exceptional team of medical professionals. From experienced physicians and nurses to dedicated support staff, the network’s team is committed to upholding the highest standards of medical care.

Inspira Patient Portal

The Inspira Patient Portal provides a secure platform for you to conveniently access your medical records online. With the Patient Portal, you can easily communicate with your Inspira Medical Group provider, refill prescriptions, schedule appointments, review visit summaries and educational resources, and check your current medications, allergies, immunizations, health history, and some lab results.

Community Outreach Programs

Inspira Health Network recognizes the importance of community health and actively engages in outreach programs. These initiatives aim to raise health awareness, provide medical assistance to underprivileged communities, and promote overall well-being.

Inspira Health Network Urgent Care

Inspira Health Network Urgent Care
At Inspira Health Network Urgent Care, we take pride in being your premier destination for all your urgent medical needs. Our dedicated team of healthcare professionals is committed to providing top-notch care, ensuring your well-being is our top priority.

When you choose Inspira Health Network Urgent Care, you’re choosing a trusted partner in your health journey. Our comprehensive urgent care services, convenient locations, streamlined patient experience, and affordable healthcare solutions make us the top choice for all your medical needs.

Services offered include:

  • COVID-19 testing with both rapid and lab tests available.
  • Treatment for coughs, colds, and flu.
  • Flu shots.
  • Relief for allergy attacks.
  • Care for back, pelvic, and stomach pain.
  • Addressing bladder and urinary symptoms.

Emphasizing Preventive Care

Preventive care is at the forefront of Inspira Health Network’s mission. The network believes in empowering individuals with knowledge about healthy lifestyles and regular screenings to prevent illnesses and foster long-term well-being.

Inspira Health Network Life

Inspira Health Network
Inspira LIFE, also known as Living Independently for Elders, is a cutting-edge program for senior citizens and their families that is sponsored by Inspira Health. Seniors with ongoing medical needs can receive a personalized, individualized health care plan from Inspira LIFE that can include a mix of center- and home-based care. Additionally, Inspira LIFE offers resources and assistance to lessen the burden of providing care. The main goal of Inspira LIFE is to maintain seniors’ independence and high quality of life while they are still residing in their communities.

Inspira Health Network Centers

The Inspira LIFE Center is one location where doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals can deliver treatment and monitor changes in an individual’s health in one convenient location.

Inspira LIFE VinelandInspira LIFE Williamstown
2445 S. Delsea Drive, Vineland, NJ 08360

Phone: (800) 245-4143
Ph (Alternate): (856) 418-5433
Phone (TTY): (800) 852-7897
Fax: (856) 696-4216

1219 South Black Horse Pike, Williamstown, NJ 08360

Phone: 855-295-5433
Phone (TTY): (800) 852-7897

Holistic Wellness Services

Beyond medical treatments, Inspira Health Network offers a range of holistic wellness services. These services encompass mental health support, nutritional counseling, and alternative therapies to address patients’ physical, emotional, and mental needs.

Specialized Treatment Options

Inspira Health Network is renowned for its specialized treatment options. With expert-led departments in cardiology, oncology, neurology, and more, the network ensures that patients receive the highest level of care for their specific medical conditions.

Driving Research and Advancements

The network remains dedicated to driving medical research and advancements. Collaborating with leading research institutions, Inspira Health Network contributes to medical breakthroughs that shape the future of healthcare.

Inspira Health Network Locations

Inspira Health Network Address
With a humble beginning as a single medical center, Inspira Health Network quickly expanded to establish a comprehensive network of healthcare facilities across various regions. Each center has state-of-the-art medical technology, enabling accurate diagnoses and effective treatments.

These are some selected locations:

Sr. No.Center NamesAddressPhone No.
1Inspira Medical Center Elmer501 West Front Street,
Elmer, NJ 08318
Phone: (856) 363-1000
2Inspira Medical Center Mullica Hill700 Mullica Hill Road,
Mullica Hill, NJ 08062
Phone: (856) 508-1000
3Inspira Medical Center Vineland1505 West Sherman Avenue,
Vineland, NJ 08360
Phone: (856) 641-8000
4Salem Medical Center, an affiliate of Inspira Health310 Salem Woodstown Rd,
Salem, NJ 08079
Phone: (856) 935-1000
5Inspira Health Center Bridgeton Satellite Emergency Department333 Irving Avenue,
Bridgeton, NJ 08302
Phone: 856-575-4500
6Inspira Health Center Woodbury Satellite Emergency Department509 North Broad Street,
Woodbury, NJ 08096
Phone: (856) 853-2000
7Inspira Medical Center Elmer Emergency Department501 West Front Street,
Elmer, NJ 08318
Phone: (856) 363-1000
8Inspira Medical Center Mullica Hill Emergency Department700 Mullica Hill Road,
Mullica Hill, NJ 08062
Phone: (856) 508-1000
9Inspira Medical Center Vineland Emergency Department1505 West Sherman Avenue,
Vineland, NJ 08360
Phone: (856) 641-8000
10Salem Medical Center Emergency Department310 Salem Woodstown Road,
Salem, NJ 08079
Phone: (856) 935-1000

Sustainable Healthcare Initiatives

As a responsible healthcare organization, Inspira Health Network actively pursues sustainable healthcare initiatives. From eco-friendly practices in its facilities to community wellness programs, the network strives to positively impact the environment and society.

Revolutionizing Telemedicine

Inspira Health Network stays ahead of the curve by embracing telemedicine. Through virtual consultations and remote monitoring, the network ensures that patients have convenient access to medical advice and support, especially in remote areas.

Inspira Health Network Job

Inspira Health Network Job
Whether you are a seasoned healthcare professional or a recent graduate looking to kickstart your career, Inspira Health Network offers a wide range of career opportunities across diverse specialties. We have positions available in areas such as nursing, physicians, allied health, administration, and support staff. Our network includes top-tier hospitals, medical centers, specialty clinics, and outpatient facilities, creating a diverse array of roles to suit your expertise and passion.

These are some openings at our centers:









Inspiring a Healthier Tomorrow

Inspira Health Network’s impact reaches beyond medical treatments. By inspiring healthier living and fostering a culture of well-being, the network aspires to create a healthier tomorrow for individuals and communities alike.


Inspira Health Network stands as a beacon of hope in the healthcare industry, transforming lives through compassionate care, cutting-edge technology, and a commitment to excellence. With a relentless focus on patients’ well-being and community health, the network continues to inspire and lead the way toward a brighter and healthier future.


Q1. What is Inspira?
With 277 medical residents and fellows enrolled in 15 nationally accredited programs at its hospitals in Vineland, Mullica Hill, and Elmer, charitable nonprofit Inspira Health is a leader in the region’s physician training.

Q2. What are the values of inspira health?
Our Values: I.C.R.E.A.T.E.: Innovation, Compassion, Reliability, Empathy, Access, Teamwork, Empowerment.

Q3. When did Inspira Vineland open?
A 298-bed facility called Inspira Medical Centre Vineland was constructed at the junction of Route 55 and CR 552 in Vineland. The Frank and Edith Scarpa Regional Cancer Pavilion is housed in this facility, which was opened in 2004. It has 305 beds and employs about 2700 people.

Q4. Who founded Inspira health network?
South Jersey Healthcare and Underwood-Memorial Hospital merged to establish Inspira Health in November 2012.

Q5. How many beds does Inspira Vineland have?
The Inspira Medical Center Vineland spans 441,000 square feet and comprises 262 beds. It’s situated on a 62.5-acre site at the junction of Routes 55 and 552 in Cumberland County, New Jersey.

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